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Please select the appropriate freight delivery option at the top of the product page before adding to your cart

Commercial Address Delivery:
A commercial address, as opposed to a business address, is a commercially zoned location which receives freight deliveries by semi-truck on a regular basis and may feature a loading dock or forklift.  Deliveries will be made during standard business hours, on a week day, without specific notification.  Commercial delivery does not apply to all business addresses, as many businesses are registered to a residential home address.  Free commercial delivery is limited to the lower 48 United States.  For locations outside of the area, please see below to request a freight quote.

Residential Delivery by Appointment:
The Residential Delivery option is required for any address other than a specific commercial location as described above. This option includes delivery by appointment and is typically delivered on a smaller freight truck.  As the purchaser, or authorized agent, is required to be present at the time of delivery to fully inspect the shipment for damage, assist in the unload, and sign the receipt of delivery, the included service of delivery by appointment can be very convenient.

Liftgate Service / No Forklift:
A Liftgate service is recommended for heavy shipments where no forklift or loading dock is present to unload the freight.  Most freight truck beds are approximately four feet from the ground. Most items weighing under 150 pounds can be picked up off the bed and placed on the ground by one or two able-bodied persons. Attempting this with heavier items can place all individuals and the equipment at risk. Please be aware that it is not the truck driver's responsibility to unload or assist in unloading your items.

Destination Notify / Call Ahead:
This option is available in situations where delivery is being made to a commercial location that may not be staffed full-time.  Commercial deliveries are made during standard business hours, on weekdays, without specific notification unless otherwise noted by selecting this service.  Selecting this option instructs the freight carrier to contact the recipient by phone, prior to delivery.

Request for International Freight Quote:
This option is designed for international customers to request a complete quote for delivery to locations outside of the lower 48 United States.  You will be able to proceed through the checkout process, without freight included in the total.  Please be sure to enter all of your contact information and shipping details during the checkout.  When prompted for payment, select 'Quote Request' from the 'Other Payments' options.  Your order will be reviewed by our international team and a quote will be provided by phone or email within one business day.

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